Diet Goals

So the title of this blog essentially leads one to think its a vegan blog yet I havent said much about the vegan lifestyle as of yet.
Im vegetarian, have been for 4 years. Ive dabbled with veganism and even did raw for 2 weeks but have never fully sustained it. I dont really consume dairy or eggs but I would like to eliminate it all together. I think its very easy to get caught up in the vegan version world and go nuts on the vegan version of foods which are still full of fat & sugar yet seen as healthy because its vegan. Id like to be a low fat vegan. Its coming into summer here in Australia which is a great time to start I think. Ive never been a big salad eater which is weird because I love salad and I need to get in the habit of having more salads. Ive only just discovered cous cous and my god its easy to make! I dont eat enough fruit but im very picky with fruit. Essentially id like to explore more natural foods and eliminate sugars & coffee. Diet soft drink is a massive habit I need to kick. I can easily put away about 2 litres of diet cola a day no worries. Its such a horrible habit and I need to get rid of it. Its seriously an addiction and I think I need to treat it as such to eliminate it properly. My husband is a very big factor in my diet and I dont blame him but we are as bad as each other when it comes to food. He has put on alot of weight aswell and lives on take-away & junk foods. Im not as bad as him but im no saint either. We have definetely put on a few newlywed kilos thats for sure! I need to either completely ignore him when it comes to diet or try include him in my quest for health.
As for exercise, I always have great intentions but never follow through. I really need a proper routine. Ive always been intersted in yoga & pilates and have recently bought a few dvd's but havent really gotten into them yet. Again, I need to scheduale in times to exercise and make sure I follow through with it! I have bought myself the cutest little diary for next year in an effort to make note-taking and schedualing in things a habit! Im going to be very busy next year with my new job which I start in November plus going back to uni next year. Id love a holiday amongst all that aswell!
So I will be officially attempting veganism again from next Wednesday. I get paid then so I can go to the shops and stock up on healthy vegan options. I have bought a few easy vegan cookbooks aswell so I will be going through those to get some ideas aswell.

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