How Stressed Are You?

One of the initial exercises is my MBSR wookbook is to list up to 10 situations you find to be current stressors in your life and rate them from 1 (not stressful) to 10 (most stressful).
1. Poor diet: 8
This is probably my most stressful situation. Its been a very long battle with my diet & weight issues and although everyday I try find a solution and some days are better then others, I feel this is the area that needs the most work.
2. Negative collegues: 7
I work with lots of different nurses/doctors/managers and unfortunetely my area of expertise (intensive care) tends to attract very interesting personalities. Bullies being the worst type. And alot of them dont even realise they are so bad to work with. I try to find the good in every person I meet and my mission for each shift is to have a good day at work with my collegues and clients. Unfortunetely alot of them just seem hell bent on making life miserable for others and I find this very stressful.
3. Post-graduate Study: 6
I am doing my Masters degree and I find the extra study load on top of working full-time shift work to be pretty stressful at times.
4. My Husband: 5
I know this sounds terrible listing my husband as a stress in my life but im sure there are plenty of people who can relate! I love him with all my heart but he also works a stressful job and is a full-time shift worker and sometimes he unintentionally takes his stress out on me which is very stressful for myself.
5. Poor Sleep: 4
Being a shift worker it is inevitable that I will have terrible sleep habits. I generally try & sleep whenever I can but still always feel its never enough.
6. Traffic: 6
I find traffic to be pretty stressful. Im starting a new job in November which will require me to drive into the city which will take about 45mins drive compared to the 10min drive I do in my current job. Ive always been anxious when it comes to traffic but im hoping the more I drive in traffic the less stressful it will become.
7. Money:5
Money does stress me out from time to time, mainly I feel im getting nowhere with my finances. I have a disposable income and I waste it all the time and I keep justifying it by saying 'im young and have no kids!' but my debts are starting to creep up on me.
8. Friendships: 4
I get stressed out sometimes that I have no close friends. Sometimes I think what if something happened to my husband and I was left alone, I would have no friends at all and thats scares me alot. Ive been hurt alot in the past and find it hard to make friendships which has been the case for me since I was a little girl. I hold myself back alot & find it hard to trust people.
9. Housework: 3
We all hate it and sometimes it does stress me out when ive been working hard and have had no time to do housework and the house looks a mess and all I want to do is relax but there is always that stress in the back of my mind I have to clean the house. Silly I know, but I still think its relevant.
10. Extended Family: 3
There is always some sort of drama happening on my own or my husbands side of the family and hearing about things or being apart of them is stressful at times.
Right. Well at first I didnt think I would come up with 10 stressors but just goes to show when you really break down it all down there is alot there. The idea of this exercise is to bring some awareness to the stressors in my life and to look back on them and see how I rate them when I learn to deal with stress abit better.

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